List of Equipment for sale

GOWLANDFLEX TLR 4x5 with 180mm lens



Linhof Technika 5x7 


Linhof Kardan 4x5 

GRAFLEX Crown Graphic 4x5


GRAFLEX 2x3 RB Sries B K385 + 127mm f4.5 Ektar 




Horseman SW ii D Pro body with M645 digital adapter plate 


Horseman SW 612  612P body + viewfinder + 6x12 film back 


Cambo Ultima D 4x5 

Bellow Lens Hood

Chimney Viewfinder


Cambo WRS Hassy H Mount 

CAMBO 23 Hassy V mount SL 80 adapter 

Cambo 4x5 CSL Hassy V mount digital 


DAYI TOYO body with 75mm lens cone 

DAYI 617 Shift IIA 210mm lens cone 



Wista SP 4x5 

Compendium Lens Bellow 

Sliding back + 6x9 film back SP, D 

Sliding Back + 6x7 film back SP, D 


WISTA RF 4x5 with cammed 180mm Fujinon f5.6

Sliding back + RFH 6x7 


FOTOMAN 69 Nikkor 150mm 

FOTOMAN Dmax 105mm Nikkor Hassy V 

Cooke Triplet Configuration lenses

SPENCER lens on 4x4” Speed Graphic board 

Cooke Taylor & Hobson Brass lens 9.5” (240mm) 

English Brass Barrel Lens Half Plate w flange 

Bausch & Lomb Tessar 190mm f4.5 



Horseman Roll Film Holder for 4x5 camera


6x7 RFH 

6x9 RFH 

6x9 RFH Graflok (toyo brand) 



Horseman Roll Film Holder for 6x9 camera


6x7 RFH 

6x7 Graflex RH12 

6x9 RFH 


LINHOF 70 with 3 matched cammed lenses + 6x7 Super Rollex +groundglass


Linhof Rollex RFH

6x9 ROLLEX for 4x5 

6x6 ROLLEX for 4x5 


Kapture Group:

Sinar/Horseman  Mount Hassy V  digital sliding back 


Toyo View  Mount Hassy V digital sliding back 


Graflok Hassy V mount digital sliding back 


Graflok Hassy V for LEAF -non sliding adapter 



Toyo View Mount Hassy V digital sliding adapter

Cambo 4x5 Mount Hassy V digital sliding adapter 

Sinar/Horseman mount with Hassy H digital sliding adapter 



Majestic Tripods:


3000 with Head 

4800 + 1200 Head 

4800 Tiffen with Majestic 1903 Head 


tripod + pan tilt and quick release 




Linhof 77mm or 90mm PAN TILT head for KARDAN

77mm head 


Zeiss IKON Super Ikonta Tessar 105mm 


Nikon F6 body


KIENZLE T67/69 AF VC 69 + Schneider 40mm APO HM + Rodagon WA 80mm f4 + spare B&W Condensor + 24x36 & 6x9 diffusion light boxes. Glassless inserts for 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8mm negative S$3300



4x5 negative mask for Omega D5500 S$88








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