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List of Equipment for sale


GOWLANDFLEX TLR 4x5 S$15,000 with 180mm lens



Linhof Technika 5x7 : please enquire through email:



Linhof Kardan 4x5 : please enquire though email:


GRAFLEX Crown Graphic 127mm Ektar S$800


GRAFLEX 2x3 RB Sries B K385 + 127mm f4.5 Ektar + Graflok S$450




Horseman SW ii D Pro body with M645 digital adapter plate S$2300


Horseman SW 612  612P body + viewfinder + 6x12 film back 


Cambo Ultima D 4x5 

Bellow Lens Hood

Chimney Viewfinder


Cambo WRS Hassy H Mount 

CAMBO 23 Hassy V mount SL 80 adapter 

Cambo 4x5 CSL Hassy V mount digital 


DAYI TOYO body with 75mm lens cone S$750

DAYI 617 Shift IIA 210mm lens cone S$1600



Wista SP 4x5 

Compendium Lens Bellow S$120

Sliding back + 6x9 film back SP, D S$300

Sliding Back + 6x7 film back SP, D S$300


WISTA RF 4x5 with cammed 180mm Fujinon f5.6 S$3000

Sliding back + RFH 6x7 S$300


FOTOMAN 69 Nikkor 150mm S$2050

FOTOMAN Dmax 105mm Nikkor Hassy V $3800

Cooke Triplet Configuration lenses

SPENCER lens on 4x4” Speed Graphic board S$500

Cooke Taylor & Hobson Brass lens 9.5” (240mm) S$600

English Brass Barrel Lens Half Plate w flange S$111

Bausch & Lomb Tessar 190mm f4.5 S$111



Horseman Roll Film Holder for 4x5 camera


6x7 RFH S$250

6x9 RFH S$260

6x9 RFH Graflok (toyo brand) S$300



Horseman Roll Film Holder for 6x9 camera


6x7 RFH S$310

6x7 Graflex RH12 S$80

6x9 RFH S$160 each


Linhof Super Technika V 6x9 Symmar 100mm, 6x7 SuperRollex S$2800


LINHOF 70 with 3 matched dammed lenses + 6x7 Super Rollex +gg S$3000


Linhof 70 Lens Shade S$60 June 2013


Linhof Rollex RFH

6x9 ROLLEX for 4x5 S$170

6x6 ROLLEX for 4x5 S$120


Kapture Group:

Sinar/Horseman  Mount Hassy V  digital sliding back S$1000


Toyo View  Mount Hassy V digital sliding back S$1000


Graflok Hassy V mount digital sliding back S$1000


Graflok Hassy V for LEAF -non sliding adapter S$180



Toyo View Mount Hassy V digital sliding adapter S$1000

Cambo 4x5 Mount Hassy V digital sliding adapter S$1000

Sinar/Horseman mount with Hassy H digital sliding adapter S$1k



Majestic Tripods:


3000 with Head S$400

4800 + 1200 Head S$500

4800 Tiffen with Majestic 1903 Head S$250

Linhof Tripod


tripod + pan tilt and quick release S$250




Linhof 77mm or 90mm PAN TILT head for KARDAN

77mm head S$500


Zeiss IKON Super Ikonta Tessar 105mm S$850


Nikon F6:


F6 body S$1600

24-50mm f3.3-f4.5 D S$180


KIENZLE T67/69 AF VC 69 + Schneider 40mm APO HM + Rodagon WA 80mm f4 + spare B&W Condensor + 24x36 & 6x9 diffusion light boxes S$2800

Ilford Multigrade 500 to Beseler 45 enlarger S$333



4x5 negative mask for Omega D5500 S$88








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